• Securing our county's rural vision.

                          • Enhancing our agricultural sector.

                          • Advocating for right-sized transportation solutions.
Local Issues

Planning for sustainable land use is critical to maintaining our rural quality of life, the agricultural and tourism sectors of our economy and the traditional settlement patterns and historic fabric of our towns.

Shenandoah County ranks fifth in overall agriculture production in Virginia. With an annual gross farm income of more than $100 million, agriculture is the county's most profitable industry and relates closely to the success of other industries, such as tourism, within our county

Shenandoah Forum will to continue to look for ways to create a more vibrant agricultural community -- vital to securing our agricultural heritage, conserving our natural resources and building a stronger future for our county.
Interstate 81 is two lanes in each direction running the entire 35 miles of Shenandoah County and is adjacent to numerous historically significant sites and active farms.

Costly and destructive widening is not needed to meet the safety and congestion needs on I-81 for the next 30+ years.

Shenandoah Forum continues to advocate for right-sized transportation solutions.