• Securing our county's rural vision.

                  • Enhancing our agricultural sector.

                  • Advocating for right-sized transportation solutions.

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Learn more about how specific County actions, funding and policies over the past 10 years helped to realize different aspects of the eight goals outlined in the County Comprehensive Plan.



Farmland Transition
Keep Your Farmland Farming

November 17, 2015
5:15 - 8:30pm
Creekside, Edinburg

A free seminar on how to manage the transition of your farm to the next generation.

Don't just wonder what might happen to your farm. Give it the future YOU want!

Follow-up sessions will be provided in early 2016 on business structures and tax management for farm estates, wills and power of attorney, farmland rental and profitable farm enterprises for the future.

Download the flyer for more info.

4th Annual Food Summit
December 2 - 4
Come one day or all!
Today, as we encourage more localized economic activity and regional self-reliance, there is a renewed interest in and analysis of the flow of food both within and out of a region.

Find out more about foodsheds, watersheds and food systems.

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