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We want you to be aware that the Shenandoah Forum remains a nonpartisan organization, notwithstanding the fake news reporting of The Free Press

July 18, 2017




Sadly, the citizens of Shenandoah County need look no further for “fake news” than The Free Press.  The Free Press and staffer Mona Casteel owe a complete retraction AND a public apology to the Shenandoah Forum for the blatant distortion and untrue article in July 13 edition entitled “Taking a new course: politics”.  How a positive, straightforward news release about the recent commendation of Shenandoah County employees by the Shenandoah Forum, a non-profit, nonpartisan organization, could be turned into a false “swipe at conservatives” article defies credulity.  Regrettably, it also totally detracted from the positive intent of expressing appreciation for our local hardworking public employees!


In no way were my comments as Shenandoah Forum chairwoman intended as a political statement, much less a “swipe” at ANY of our current Supervisors.  It is a statement of fact, not politics, that our current Supervisors face gridlock on many of their decisions.  Saying that is NOT pointing fingers at any one of them and was never intended to.  Saying that public employee morale declines when there is  gridlock, and limited available funds for needed and desired services or staffing or pay is a fact, NOT a political opinion nor swipe at any one segment of our local officials.  Other than my direct quotes and statement that the Shenandoah Forum has commended the county employees, the rest of the article by Mona Casteel is total fantasy. 


Our local citizens deserve better than the total lack of journalist ethics that were on display in this article.  I only hope that others do not have the same experience as we have had, but little faith that will be the case. 


Joan M Comanor, Chairwoman

Shenandoah Forum

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